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Reiki, Biofeedback, and HeartMath® techniques to help you relax and de-stress, enabling you to focus on your goals and improve your performance.

Reiki Sessions
$60 for 60 min., $35 for 30 min.

You relax, fully clothed, on a couch or seated while the Reiki practitioner holds her hands on or above you. There is no pressure on the body. The energy flows wherever it is required and can normally be felt as a warm sensation or tingling in the body. Receiving Reiki is a very relaxing and soothing experience!

Reiki can be used to reduce the debilitating effects of stress and anxiety. It can also relieve the pain from many ailments such as headaches, stomach upsets, back problems, asthma - respiratory problems, PMT, menstrual problems, sinus, and many more. (Please observe that Reiki should never be used instead of medical treatment; it should be used as a complement and a way to become and remain healthy).

Reiki Attunements
$150 for 1st level, $150 for 2nd level, $250 for a one-day workshop with 1st and 2nd levels combined (prices include a manual and certificate).

An attunement is a special ceremony to awaken the inner healing power of a person by connecting him/her to the unlimited source of Universal Life Force Energy. It enables the person to make way for the healing process and allow positive changes to occur on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Level 1: Four attunements are given over a 6-hour workshop which aligns a person’s charkas/energy centers to connect him/her to the Universal Life Force Energy. This starts the process of healing within the person and also enables the person to give direct healing to the self, other people, animals and plants.

Level 2: One further attunement is given over a 4-hour workshop to strengthen the connection to the Universal Life Force Energy, increasing a person’s ability to transmit healing. This level enables a person to heal the self and others, directly or at a distance on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Biofeedback Sessions
$100 for 60 min.

Biofeedback is a mind-body therapy that uses electronic equipment to help a person gain awareness and control over their autonomic nervous system (the system that controls heart rate, respiration, sweating and levels of excitement and relaxation.

During your evaluation, Ann Baldwin, PhD will monitor your heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration and skin conductance using the Biograph Infiniti system (Thought Technology) and will evaluate your levels of emotional and mental stress. She will then draw up a personalized plan of breathing exercises and thought patterns for you to practice daily that will bring you to a better physiological and psychological balance. At your evaluation, you will practice these exercises using 'Healing Rhythms' a biofeedback system devised by 'Wild Divine'. Copies of 'Healing Rhythms' will be available for you to purchase and take home so you can practice. A further session with Dr. Baldwin is recommended so you may see how much you are improving and discuss any difficulties you may be experiencing.

Why the Wild Divine?

The Journey to Wild Divine is a complex and challenging adventure game for mind & body that combines proven biofeedback technology with creative, computer-based tools to reduce stress and promote optimal health. Wearing three finger sensors that track your body's heart rate variability and skin conductance as you journey through the game, you'll learn to use the power of your thoughts, feelings, breath and awareness to build stairways, open doors, juggle balls, light fires and much more. Almost as a by-product you will experience increased relaxation, reduced stress and heightened vitality and mental clarity. If that's not enough, the game is amazingly inexpensive.

Chakra Temple

Healing Rhythms

Biofeedback-Reiki mini-workshops
(4 hrs): $125 per person (Includes lectures on 'Biofeedback and the Autonomic Nervous System', 'History and Description of Reiki' and 'The Science behind Reiki', practical demonstration in use of 'Wild Divine' and Thought Technology' biofeedback devices, exercises to help you control stress levels, and a Reiki session).

In this workshop we will introduce you to the concept of Biofeedback and demonstrate its use as a stress reducer. Using special sensors placed on your fingers, you will be able to watch recordings of your heart rate and skin conductance on a computer monitor and learn how to assess your level of emotional stress. We will then teach you certain breathing exercises and thought patterns to help you reduce your stress levels. You will see the effects of these exercises on your heart rate and skin conductance when you wear the sensors and play the 'Healthy Rhythms' Wild Divine stress reduction computer game.

In the second half of this workshop, we will introduce you to Reiki; what it is, how it was developed, and we will describe the results of scientific experiments demonstrating that Reiki's effects on the body are beneficial and measurable. If any of you want to experience a Reiki session, Reiki sessions will be available. If you want to learn how to perform Reiki yourself, there will be an opportunity to sign up for an attunement.

Biofeedback-Reiki two-day workshops
Price dependent on location. Hands-on workshops featuring a Reiki 1 attunement and more extensive practical instruction in Biofeedback

This work is suited for those interested in increasing the awareness of their own physical and energetic bodies and will provide you with the tools to help maintain the physical and psychological well-being of yourself and those around you.

HeartMath packages
All HeartMath packages involve private 1:1 sessions with Dr. Baldwin that can be conducted in person or over the phone.

"Stress Relief" or "Revitalize You"™ - 3hr - $350
(6 x 30min or 4 x 45min)
Includes workbook and reading material

Both packages use similar tools and techniques. "Stress Relief" focuses on reducing the stresses of everyday life and "Revitalize You" emphasizes enhanced performance and well-being.

"Stopping Emotional Eating" – 4.5hr - $450
(6 x 45min coaching sessions)
Includes Workbook and 7 one-hour DVDs

As part of the HeartMath Stopping Emotional Eating program, Dr. Baldwin, a registered HeartMath 1 on 1 provider, will take you through the program, customize it to meet your goals and provide the additional encouragement and support you need as you learn to:

  • Recognize your emotional eating triggers
  • Reduce your stress without depending on food to feel better
  • Replace comfort food with comfort emotions

It won’t take long before you notice:

  • Improvements in your health and overall well-being
  • Increased stamina
  • Improved sleep
  • More personal balance during these challenging times

EmWave® Technology
To help you sustain and track your improvement during and after training, our HeartMath programs include HeartMath's patented emWave technology. Based on many years of research, both the emWave PC and handheld emWave Personal Stress Reliever® are unique training products that objectively monitor your heart rhythms and enable you to readily see changes in your heart-rhythm patterns as you practice HeartMath's emotional self regulation techniques.

You will learn how to quickly create and sustain heart rhythm coherence, a highly efficient and rejuvenating state where your nervous system, heart, mind and emotions all work in harmony. A growing body of research is showing that coherence can improve memory, increase mental clarity, reduce feelings of anxiety and anger and relieve a wide range of stress symptoms.

Both emWave devices are available from Dr. Baldwin and can be purchased with or without the other packages. A one-hour emWave instruction session is recommended should you choose not to buy the complete HeartMath package.

One hour instruction with Dr. Baldwin in use of the emWave PC® and emWave PSR® Stress Relief Systems, to help you observe and chart your progress - $100

De-Stress Kit for the Changing Times

HeartMath is a registered trademark of the Institute of HeartMath.
Revitalize You! is a trademark of HeartMath LLC.
emWave and Personal Stress Reliever are registered trademarks of Quantum Intech, Inc.


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